UK Passport Photos

UK British Passport Photos

We can provide you with biometric UK passport photos, UK driving licence photos, Blue Badge photos, photos for your Bus Pass, Gym membership, you name it, we can do it. UK passport photos are £12.99 for 4 identical prints, extra photos cost £5.00 per for 4 prints, digital passport photos are £14.99 per file or UK Passport Code, and a set of 4 photos & the digital file together is only £17.99 If you’d like us to produce your ID and passport photographs for you please call us on 01202 513535

UK Passport Photo Requirements

UK Passport Photo Template

Paper and sizing

photos must measure 45mm by 35mm

photos must be printed on high quality, medium / low gloss or matt photographic paper. Photos produced at home are unlikely to be acceptable, as they will not meet the high standards delivered by professional equipment and may not allow us to capture an accurate biometric

heavy weight paper, ie cardboard, is not acceptable

corrugated paper is not acceptable

photos must have a backing that allows the countersignatory to certify one of the photos and sign in ink, without smearing

trademarks or other printing on the reverse is acceptable, provided it does not show through when the photo is scanned onto our system. This is most likely to occur where bold back print is used, and the image captured is very pale. If back-printed paper is used, proper lighting and exposure is even more important than usual


Glasses can often show reflection or glare from flash, and the frames can obscure facial features. We strongly recommend that customers who wear glasses remove them to ensure that an accurate biometric can be obtained. While this may mean that their passport photo does not show them as they usually appear, their photo will still be a good likeness.

Customers with a visual impairment should also follow this guidance. If they wear dark, tinted or mirrored glasses, they must remove them – otherwise a biometric cannot be captured.


Photos must be clear, sharp and in focus. They must be a true likeness of the subject.

Only submit colour photographs; black and white photos are not acceptable. Photos must not be manipulated, for example, by removing spots or softening lines or shadows. Mirror images (that is where the picture is flipped from one side to another, left to right or right to left) cannot be used.

Where very young children are being supported, you must ensure that no hands are visible. We recommend that infants who are unable to support themselves are laid on a light grey sheet and photographed from above.


eyes must be open and clearly visible, with no flash reflections and no ‘red eye’

facial expression must be neutral (neither frowning nor smiling), with the mouth closed

photos must show both edges of the face clearly

photos must show a full front view of face and shoulders, squared to the camera

the face and shoulder image must be centred in the photo; do not show the subject looking over one shoulder (portrait style), or with head tilted to one side or backwards or forwards

there must be no hair across the eyes

hats or head coverings are not permitted except when worn for religious reasons and only if the full facial features are clearly visible

photos with shadows on the face are unacceptable

photos must reflect/represent natural skin tone


photos with shadows on the background are unacceptable

photos must be taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows or flash reflection on the face and head

photos must show a plain, uniform, light grey or cream background. 5 – 10 per cent grey is recommended as a background


children aged over one and under six years: the requirements for mouths to be closed and eyes looking at the camera are waived

infants under the age of 12 months: we only require that the image shows a good likeness. The requirements on eyes open and mouth closed, for example, are waived. In practice, we have also waived the template check requirement for babies

applicants with either physical or mental disabilities may find it difficult to meet our requirements. We will accept as good as image as possible, accompanied by a statement that they cannot meet the requirement because of disability

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