Greek Passport Photos

Greek Passport photos are not a standard size therefore they cannot be made in a photo-booth, so visit our photo studio and have your Greece passport photos  made while you wait.

A set of 4 identical photos is only £15.00, and in addition digital files are also available. Make your appointment by calling 01202 513535 or use the contact form.


Greek Passport Photo Requirements

Dimensions and Paper Quality

  • Your photo’s dimensions should be 40 mm x 60 mm.
  • You must appear such as the following shape, so that:
  1. Your face length DD (from the jaw up to the top of the head) should be 31 mm up to 35 mm.
  2. Your face width CC (from the one ear to the other at the connection point to the face) should be 20 mm up to 25 mm.
  3. The distance BB from the lower part of the photo up to the eyes (the imaginary line which crosses between the eyes) should be 30 mm up to 39 mm.
  4. NOTE: Analogically, none of the upper indications should overrun the lower or upper price. Furthermore face deformation is not allowed.

Picture at the center
The approximately middle points of the mouth and the nose must be met at an imaginary perpendicular line AA, which is placed in the horizontal center of the picture.

Technical specifications

Download: Greek Passport Photo Specifications

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