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We cater for all different countries and nationalities. Because we produce your passport, visa and immigration photos by hand we can produce any size and specification you need. We have a ‘greenscreen’ chromakey backdrop, so can create any colour backdrop required, such as the blue and red colours needed for some Asian countries.

We can provide 2″ square (50mm x 50mm) USA Passport & Visa photos (and digital), Indian Passport photos, Canadian passport photos, Malaysian, Polish, Indonesian, Pakistani, Australian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, you name it, we can do it.

We ask you to bring all the official paperwork with you, to ensure we have the very latest requirements to hand. We’ll produce your passport and visa photos within approx. 10 minutes, and all the photos are taken in our high quality portrait studio using professional lighting and camera equipment, so not only will they meet the official requirements, you’ll look good too!

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