Baby Passport Photos

Visa Passport Immigration & Citizenship Photos for Babies & Children – Any Size, Any Country

Have you ever tried taking your baby’s passport photos in a photobooth? If the answer to that question is No, then my advice would be ‘don’t try it’. If the answer is Yes, then you know why I’m offering that advice. Trying to cram yourself and your baby into a machine the size of a small cupboard, press all the correct buttons and hold baby in the exact position required is a fruitless task, and one that is guaranteed to fail.

Why not visit our modern and comfortable portrait studio, where we can accommodate babies of any age and satisfaction is guaranteed. You can park your car directly outside the studio, in the bay marked ‘reserved parking’. Your baby will be photographed quickly and efficiently, and while you take a seat in our comfortable reception area we will crop, print and cut your photos to the correct size, guaranteed to meet the current official guidelines. We have a UK Passport Office template to ensure your photos will pass inspection, and in the unlikely event of any problems we offer a free reshoot.

UK Baby & Child Passport Photos, set of 4 identical photos for only £12.00, set of 8 for £15.00

To make an appointment for your baby or child’s passport photos please call 01202 513 535

Non UK Passport Visa Immigration & Citizenship Photos for Babies & Children

We also cater for all international passports, we can produce baby and child passport photos for any country, including 50mm x 50mm American Passport photos, 70mm x 50mm Canadian Passport photos, 50mm x 50mm Indian Passport photos, 60mm x 40mm Greek Passport photos, Shengen Visa photos, Polish Passport photos & Pakistan 50mm x 50mm Passport & Visa photos.

International Baby & Child Passport Photos, only £15.00

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Please see guidelines below (from the UK Passport Office) for children’s passport photos.

Passport Photos of children

Children must be on their own in the picture. Babies must not be holding toys or using dummies.

Children under 6 don’t have to be looking directly at the camera or have a neutral expression.

Children under 1 don’t have to have their eyes open. If their head is supported by a hand, the hand mustn’t be visible in the photo.