Passport Photos

So you need passport photos and end up in an uncomfortable little photo booth in the corner of a supermarket (worse still, you could be trying to hold your squirming 2 year old still on the wobbly stool). When your photos finally drop from the machine you’re invariably disappointed. It appears you haven’t slept for a month, just escaped from prison, or maybe both?

There is a better way.

Book a visit to our high-street photo studio with onsite parking and comfortable reception. In our professional portrait studio, your photo will be accurately printed & cut to the correct size.

If you’re applying online you can have a British passport photo code, simply enter this on the HMPO website

Using professional studio lighting we capture you looking your best. Whilst strict passport regulations prohibit us from posing you in a truly portrait style, we promise to create a photo that you won’t be ashamed of at passport control.

Biometric passport regulations are very strict. Many passport photos are instantly rejected, especially those from photobooths. We always use a UK Passport approved template to check our photos. We’re confident our photos will pass first time. In the unlikely event you encounter any problems we guarantee a free re-shoot.


UK British Passport Photos

UK passport photos, driving licence photos, bus pass, gym membership, you name it, we do it. Photos cost £12.50 for a set of 4 prints. If you need an extra set it’s £5.00.

Digital passport photo codes are £12.50. If you need prints too they’re just £5.00

If you’d like to book please call us on 01202 513535

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Passport Photo Code

For British Digital Passport Photos we can either email you the digital photo file (for you to upload) or a simple code you can input during your UK online passport application (see example below).

Babies & Toddlers

We specialize in baby passport photos, including newborns

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Non British Passports

We provide passport & visa photos suitable for any country worldwide. Canadian passport photos, Indian Visa, US visa. You name the country, we can do it. Your photos are produced by hand to any size and biometric specification. Printed or digital, they cost only £15.00.

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Canadian Passport Photos

Canadian Passport photos are 70mm x 50mm so must be produced in by professional photographer. We can provide you with studio-quality photos while you wait

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US Visa & Passport

We provide studio-quality 2″ x 2″ photos for a US Passport or Visa

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Greek Passports

Greek Passport photos are 60mm x 40mm so cannot be produced in a photo-booth. If you want studio-quality Greek passport photos we can help more info here

Schengen Visa Photos

We offer studio-quality Schengen Visa Photos

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Chinese Passport Photos

Photos for a Chinese Passport are 60mm x 40mm so cannot be produced in a photo-booth. If you need Chinese passport photos or a Chinese Visa, we can help. Chines visa’s can be supplied digitally too.

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